Our APCM will be held on the morning of Sunday 15th April at 12 noon, shortly after our 10.30 service concludes.

As part of the meeting we will need to elect two wardens, a representative to Deanery Synod  and eight members of PCC. (Four have resigned and four are at the end of their three year term.)

In the meantime,

  • If you want to know what is entailed in being a church warden, then please speak with Maureen or Charlie.
  • A member of PCC involves something slightly different, a little less regular time involvement but a crucial part of the leadership of St Paul's. In conjunction with the priest in charge, a member of PCC is part of the lay leadership. They help determine and deliver the direction in which, we as a church travel. It’s a mix of visionary thinking, stewardship (financial and relational), seeking and sharing information, advocating for charity beneficiaries, and leading our congregation with a helpful and hopeful spirit. It involves probably 8 or 9 PCC meetings a year, with a few, occasional smaller group meetings (for example - finance, communication, vision). A member of PCC is also a Trustee.

Could this be you? Speak with Cliff, Maureen, Charlie or Andrew L.